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advantage beneficial verdict

Le 9 November 2014, 07:21 dans Humeurs 0

The approval of member otherwise can not accept;Temporarily can not acquire the upper grade approval of, the after the event wants in time upward the class make collective report.Still stipulate that the officials can not accept and exercise the official business has influence of, need to return to the big sum gift for pleasing of gift and time or entertain, if officials therefore make at the after the event to constitute minor offence towards giving the party concerned of advantage beneficial verdict, then.This report reporter give or get an electric shock to inspect a website news according to central Ji Wei on October 21 to the new net in nike air max 95 comprarsouth, recently, through Wei in Hubei province approval, province Ji Wei of Hubei to province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Hubei at first often Wei, province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Economic Committee was original pair the director's plum Zu boon seriously disobeyed an illegal problem of Ji to carry on to register for the record a reviewing.Through check, plum Zu boon the inaccuracy implement a job and result in stateowned a huge sum of property loss in the work;The making use of the convenience of job accepts bribe for others seeking a benefits, .The above-mentioned behavior of plum Zu boon has already constituted severity to disobey Ji and Be suspected of committing crime.According to Communist Party of China discipline punishment regulation etc. concerning stipulate, by province Ji Wei of Hubei often the Wei meeting deliberate and report Wei approval in Hubei province, decide to give the plum Zu the boon to dismiss a party affiliation and dismiss a public position punishment;Be suspected of its crime problem and clues moving to send judicial organ to handle by law.Appropriate public funds up and must, also return to not

Go against the law?A county class in Wenzhou staff united others to appropriate public funds more than 19,240,000 dollars to try at court a correspondent deer yesterday the Xuan originally reported reporter, Wang Chen Hui, for allowing the real estate development company that himself/herself and others started to pass to register capital to check property, management and use, a county class in Wenzhou staff united others to appropriate public funds more than 10000 dollars 1924.Pull out turnip to take out mire, the fact that he was still active to give an account that he takes bribe toward Ji Wei in Wenzhou City.Yesterday morning, the deer city area court of the people in Wenzhou City held court to take up remaining some was suspected of appropriating public funds offense and took bribe offense;The chapter is some to be suspected of appropriating public funds offense of one case.Wenzhou City and area two class Ji Wei organize a case that the more than 130 organization staffs, state-owners nike air max 2014 mujerenterprise representative audit this.Lead long line to take bridge on agent of alumni association, two accuseds become friends with remaining some, male, 56 years old, person in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.At first the construction group limited company party in Wenzhou Wei member of committee, total accountant and Wenzhou City saddle pond park constucted office(called the saddle did as follows) director and Wenzhou City set up reach the real estate development limited company president, city set up reached a hole head branch representative director of company, pair county class.The chapter is some, male, 62 years old, hole head person of Zhejiang.Original hole head liquefied petroleum gas limited company in East China Sea and Wenzhou the gold source place an industry investment

The limited company, gold sea real estate in Wenzhou City develops a limited company Legal Representative.Once made to take bribe offense, bribe.The public prosecution organization accuses, July, 1999 is downtown old city reformation in Wenzhou and setting building to quickly constuct, and Wenzhou establishes Wenzhou City to set up to reach real estate development company.In March, 2001, term construction in the saddle pond park in Wenzhou City does the director's remaining some be appointed to reach the president of the company for setting up.In February, 2002, set up to reach company and Wenzhou three to set up liquefied petroleum gas limited company in East China Sea of the company, hole head to agree on joint venture nike free 3.0 v5 baratasdevelopment hole head certain place piece.Set up to reach companies to establish a branch in the hole head and carry on a real estate development by the branch's name.In March, 2002, remaining is some to be set up to reach companies to appoint the the company hole head's branch to serve as a representative director.At this time, the chapter is some is just hole head liquefied petroleum gas limited company Legal Representative of East China Sea.Before now, remaining was some to be as some incognizant as chapter.Coincidentally start in the hole head real estate item for a few months behind, on an alumni association, the chapter was some to pass an alumni to learn of remaining some at the right moment is being responsible for this real estate item, take bridge through leading long ofagent line, 2 people become friends with.Appropriate public funds up and must, think that still returning to not to go against the law remaining is some and chapter some understanding after, 2 people

whether should be self-provided;

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Also follow close behind a set some ordinances, many contentses involve officer's company's association.But also want to see, associate to still exist a lot of problem with not pure boundarieses to officer's company.For example, whether officials should attend a business to entertain, if attend, can accept of standard is how much, whether should be self-provided;Officials whether can accept business the personage presents of gift, if can, again be with what standard for proper etc..Actually, a lot of officials and businessman didn't feel keenly feeling too much in the beginning, association received a gift beginning from the wine table, at the time of holidays and New Year, the silk rope wood broke, the drop of water stone wore and gradually headed for officer's company to collaborate with, power bargain money.Hong Kong's associating at the officials businessman of norm aspect some nike roshe run mujerexperience is worth studying to draw lessons from.The businessman and officialses draw connection with, not only seeing get not only also bring trouble, and the officials attend to entertain, receive gift etc.s to all have strict rules.A series of strict rules norm the officials and businessman associate, not only business enterprise not dare to associate with the officials of the government closely, the officials of the government also not dare to associate with business enterprise closely.Therefore, the norm officials and businessman make friends and go bad angle to set out from the prevention, there is necessary and perfect association detailed regulations, define work association scope, dilimit normal association to make friends

Explicit but concrete boundary etc., keep officer company from right bargain money.The association ofofficercompany has to include a way, confidence like distance, principle and bottom line, otherwise the friend changes jail friend.<Strongstyle=font-family:'';>extension read foreign norm officer's company to associate good way of doing Singapore's keeping power alienation from Singapore with the system is the whole world for count rarely at height development economy of at the same time, and then availably suppressed the nation that the corrupt phenomenon spreads.Its success lies in a check and supervision power nike air max thea baratasresources and preventfroms the misuse and alienation of power from the system.Singapore government thinks that the joint to the power orders to carry on a control and reduces a public official to handle the power of person, wealth, and thing...etc. by oneself as far as possible.Especially the public finance power check and supervision is very strict.The section puts forward budget report Ministry of Finance, is deliberated by the congress, the president has public finance veto power, at the same time also someone the matter veto power and corruption investigate power.Audit an office to use a circumstance to carry on to the public finance annually strict audit and report congress, ensure not to appear big corruption.Korean control officials take part in informal party Korea to keep office-holder from occurrence job to go bad behavior, national honest committee set rules, forbid the together civil machine of national office-holder

Reach a representative director to play golf or participate in extravagant sex amusement activity together, control government the section and public organization employee hold pupils of same master meeting and country friend will etc. informal party, think to eradicate completely amusement corruption to be advantageous to promoting the Lian government of the office-holder of the government as people.British set law norm the officials associated England to promulgate to preventfrom going bad a method.According to the method, if someone acquires a special discount but gives or suggests to give a gift before signing nike free run 2 mujercontract, public official should in time upward the class report this circumstance;Any any officials who has something to do with formal contract all don't must reveal own address to the contract the other party.In the social parties activity, the officials of the government have certain independent power in the aspects of accepting a gift and entertaining, can accept and have the group and personal gift of the daily pursuit contact with this section and entertain as well as accept presenting of important festival(is like Christmas) gift or entertain, but after the event have to to supervisor section or section the superior make collective report, is decided by it whether have already taken bribe a factor.For the invitations, such as the reception linked to section work, luncheon meeting and cocktail party...etc., definitely stipulate only the section chief or technique, business supervisor can represent this unit to take part in, other personnel's beards in advance get an its supervisor officer

have boundary and have

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, Win totally central office secretary work the magazine took off to deliver Xi near even total secretary of the office work want to attain five persistence, article points out, in the real life, necessity of human relations association is ineluctable, work life medium will take place a great deal of human relations association, but the association have to have a principle, have boundary and have rules, low key behavior, careful make friends, aware of self to purify own social intercourse turn, living space and friend's turn, not ability what rice all eat, what wine all drink, what persons all hand over and all what rubbish say Xi total secretary of twice talk, associate to make friends to have to officer's company importance instruction meaning, namely:The havings of the officials and nike roshe run baratasbusinessman is normal and associate, as long as matches social rule, obeys law system and follows routine an occupation need, need not and is subjected to any restriction.But both parties all want to guard bottom line and attain have a principle, have boundary and have rules.The officials associate businessman, how guard bottom line?Save Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference member of committee say, hold the location of good association, associate to want possibly in the public situation, let it expose next in sunlight, aware of self to accept crowd's direct on one's own initiative, as far as possible decrease privately of association, if accept businessman to privately entertain to wait consume to amuse an activity.Imperial seal Guo's member of committee says,

In the reality minority of leadership staffs falling overboard for is as very intimate asbig wrist ofowner and all day idle away in seeking pleasure with businessman and even hang up a shoulder to take a back and share everything they have and broke the bottom line of associating.To hold the suitable distance of good officer's company's association not and more method, not and more rules, not more virtuous, firmly stand by the basic standard of doing the artificial officer, keep the awe to the morals standard, party principle and party discipline national laws.The businessman also wants to guard the bottom line of associating.Recently, a business enterprise friend says, businessman with go and live with officials to seek an illegal benefits, finally will cause entrepreneur's career and reputation are both ruined, even walk crime road.At that moment, after going bad nike free 3.0 v5 mujerofficials to fall a horse, with of the existence benefits transport the businessman of relation the load is all surprised to be subjected to afraid, even regret at the beginning way of doing.Save Wei and govern a war department representative director in the laboratory say, the Jin company wants to change thinking and changes to the rule of law thinking fromhuman feelings thinking, the thinking amass a fortune to the diligence and can keep on a development thinking change fromhave coal quickly richis sudden wealth for a night, going into business and being a person has to obey morals and law and associate to have a principle, have boundary and have rules with officials and in no case break the law disorderly Ji, for fraud the unique breeze Be pure to contribute.At breeze the pure spirit is positive of in environment the management start a business, what to earn has peace of mind money.4.The thin rule is strict

Punish a control officer's company associate to make friends anti- Fu storm to gobble up everyplace, some abnormal officer's companyfriend's turn is collapsing, but exterminate so-calledfriend whom officer, company, Qian Quan, , trades, still need a system norm, detailed regulations definition.Officer's company makes friends to easily go wrong, if there is substantially also system imperfection, direct, the factors like dint,etc is not.Generally speaking, the officials think greatly of money in the nike air max 2014 hombrebusinessman's hand, in businessman's more hands that think greatly of officials power, need officials for oneself and provides convenience and attains and spends the purposes that small money gets big benefit.Imperial seal Guo says that being free from the power of check and supervision easily produces corruption, strengthen to the check and supervision and direct of power movement.He says that the boundary of explicit power the secretary of Wang Ru Lin puts forward six powers cured an origin in the middle of investigating at first too much, is the good way of doing of norm power, will make sure a power by law, , norm, simplification, thin turn, the quantity turn freely cut to measure power, ensure an enough of power, not and more and quite good.At the same time, science installs a power, limits a power, sunlight use power with the system, cooperates direct power and severely punishes by a stretch of authority, enter the power pass institutional of cage inside.Also need system and detailed regulations norm in addition officials and businessman's association.18 greatly after, central the seteight rulessix restriction orderss, I save

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